Hello you all! Today has on more post about the serie #HolidayInBrazil! I already shared about Rio de Janeiro (Check Here) and Salvador (Check Here). And today I will share about the beautiful island in Bahia, Morro de São Paulo. Have you heard about paradise? Well, it's here!

We went to the this island to celebrate New Year's Eve! But of course we had to spent 4 days there. The best way to arrive there is from Salvador, or Valença, from both places you need to get a fast boat to reach your final destination. In our case we drove from the city Ilhéus to Valença and from there we got a boat and took us 40 minutes to arrive. By boat its pretty because we start the ride in the river and finish at the sea, it's fantastic to see that the river and sea water does not mix at all! 

We arrived in Morro de São Paulo on the afternoon, and we totally felt in love. There is no cars or motorbikes there and it makes even more special, so our "cab" was a handcart hahaha the guy put our suitcase on the handcart and guided us till the hotel. We stayed between the 2nd and 3rd beach, it's close to all the bars restaurants and everything that is happening. After the hotel we walked around and we found a great spot to appreciate the sunset with great music, people and caipirinhas.


Our second day on Morro de São Paulo and also last day of the year we decided to make a tour by boat around the island, the tour is called "Volta á ilha" the first stop is in the pools of Garapuá (Morro de São Paulo) and Moreré (Boipeba) take on average 50 minutes each. It's indescribable the feeling of being in the natural pools on the high seas. Both have crystal clear water and a lot of colorful fish. A snorkel to dive is essential at this time. In Garapuá pools there is an offshore bar serving tourists with drinks and snacks.

After we went to Beach Cueira in Boipeba. Cueira welcomes visitors with an idyllic setting: a huge coconut trees surrounding a blue sea and white sand. After we pass by a floating restaurant on the river to eat some fresh oyster, its delicious! After this quick delicious stop we went to Cairú to visit St. Anthony Convent a rich historical heritage of the country's colonization of time.

It was amazing trip but when we were back was time to prepare to celebrate our New Year's Eve. We celebrate at the beach all dressed on white on a Brazilian tradicional way. Was amazing! We had a great dinner at the beach at Sambass Restaurant, they had a special New Year's Eve menu and at midnight we appreciate the fireworks, the good vibes, and wishing all the best for 2016!

On the 1st day of the year we started with classy, we went to fabulous beach, the 4th beach full of natural pools, colorful fished and crystal water. We made sure we could get enough coconut water and to be relaxed. Was perfect! 

We loved the beautiful Morro de São Paulo, and I super recommend you a visit. What do you think about our holiday? Let me know.

Kisses, Paula