Adapting to weather changes is a core part of day-to-day life. So must we adjust our hair care practices and techniques for the weather. And it’s beachy wave and curl season! Here are some curly hair care tips for keeping your curls looking great during the hot, humid summer months

1. Drink water

If you have chronically dry hair, your products may not be the only things to blame. Do you drink enough water? One of the keys to healthy, soft and strong hair is keep it hydrated. That starts from the inside out. The hair shaft is Comprised of about 25% water. So drink up. Your hair, skin, and insides will thank you. Add lemon or cucumber slices for a refreshing taste.

2. Deep condition more frequently

Do you deep condition every time you wash your hair? If you do not, you shouldnt. It's the single piece of advice que unites all naturals, regardless of regimen and hair type. Deep conditioningdoes curly mane good, in terms of softness and moisture.

3. Layer with a leave-in

Whether it using more conditioner or the product Formulated Specifically to as a leave-in, having a product que is a water-based mixture of fatty alcohols, emollients, humectants and is the first line of defense in Maintaining soft hair. Use a moisturizer to lock in the hydration from your leave-in and press your hair for styling. If your hair responds well to pure oils and butter, seal your curls with an oil.

By Daniel Randall

By Daniel Randall

4. Cover up

I keep my strands covered your strands once in awhile. In summer heat, I always wear a hat or a bandana to protect my strands from excess sun exposure. In cold weather, I keep the ends of my hair tucked away and I wear satin-lined scarves and beanies.

5. Heat is here

Use the sun's warmth to help soak up hair conditioners. After swimming, apply a deep conditioner to protect your hair. Smooth in the conditioner or moisturizer before piling into a bun or twisting, and let the sun shine in!

If your skin can get sunburned, so can your hair. Products like shea butter and sesame oil have natural UV filtering properties. And while many hair products claim to protect hair from the sun, Unless They have a SPF rating or contain a known sunscreen ingredient, These Could be just marketing claims. If you plan to be Out in the sun for more than an hour, the best curly hair care tip is to wear a stylish hat or scarf.

Things to remember

- In the summer, your hair needs to breath so use lighter water based hair products.
- Spritz and re-moisturize the needed (night / morning).
- If one product is not keeping your hair moisturized enough, try layering with another for extra moisture and protection from the elements.
- UV rays are harsh so protective styles are great During the summer to cover your fragile ends.
- Remember everyone that's hair is different but try to avoid very heavy products such as hair butters because They will make it hard for your hair to breath.

By Daniel Randall, NYC.

By Daniel Randall, NYC.

In summer time I love to spray over my hair this lovely lavender mist goodie from DevaCurl is the Mister Right, I spray it few times during the day to keep my curls looking fresh and avoid dry out. It a MUST HAVE! Mist-er Rightis a curl and scalp refresher infused with a soothing, lavender scent helps to revive curls and calm frizz in between wash-days. Mist-er Right will also reactivate your DevaCurl stylers previously applied to curls – great secret weapon when you’re not in the mood to get your hair wet.


How do you take care of your hair in summer time?

xoxo, Paula.